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Premium Quality Supplements - Verelst Pharma Global

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Personalized Supplements - Verelst Pharma Global

Personalized Supplements

MBB Direct Bio-available Muscle Building Blocks

MBB Direct Bio-available Muscle Building Blocks

Front Line Defence - Verelst Pharma Global

Front Line Defence

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Most multivitamins that are on the market contain forms of the vitamins that are not directly bio-active. They need to be converted (metabolized) by the body before they become useful. At Verelst Pharma we use ingredients that are already in the form that is most natural and directly active. This improves absorption and bio-availability of the nutrients. All our products are produced within the European Union and comply with the highest GMP standards.
Verelst Pharma supplements are designed for adults. The nutritional information that you find on the label of our products refer to daily recommended intake values for adults, but it is perfectly safe to take our supplements from the age of 12. Smaller children, however, have different nutritional needs. Therefore, we do not recommend our supplements for children under the age of 12.
We deliver to almost every country in the world. You can select your country from the drop-down menu at the top banner of the website. If your country is not listed there, then please send us a message via the contact form and tell us from which country and city you would like to place an order.
When you select your country from the drop-down menu on the top banner of the website, the prices will automatically adapt to your country of residence. For residents of the European Union, VAT is included in the sales price. If you are ordering from overseas, there are no taxes to be paid during the purchase of the products. It is possible, however, that your government will charge import taxes when the parcel arrives in your country. Customs import tax regulations are different in each country. Any possible import duties, taxes or costs related to customs formalities for import into territories outside of the European Union are not included in the sales price.
Products that are in stock are shipped within 2 business days. Our products are shipped worldwide from Europe, and the transit time will depend on the country of destination. In general, deliveries within the European Union take 2 to 3 days. Overseas shipments are normally delivered between 5 and 10 business days. Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email through our logistics partners with a tracking number so that the whereabouts of your package can be traced.
We take the highest care in safe packaging of the products for shipment, and we guarantee delivery of the products in perfect condition or money back. If you should receive a package that was damaged during transport, or has items missing, then please contact us as soon as possible. Do not throw the damaged package or goods away. We will need you to send pictures of the box that also include a clear image of the shipping label, and pictures of the damaged goods. Then our customer service will get back to you with a solution to either ship your order out again, or arrange a refund.
If you have placed an order for a recurring monthly delivery, your subscription status will show on your account when you log in with your password, and you can simply click on “cancel” to stop future deliveries. You can cancel any time you want, and you will not be charged for any further orders. There is no cancellation fee.
Our products are shipped from Spain (Europe), and the shipping costs depend on the country of destination. When you go to check-out, and you have filled in the details of the delivery address, the shipping costs will be calculated automatically. For most destinations you will get the option to choose between a few delivery services. On occasion it can happen that the automated system does not recognize the town or postal/ZIP code for delivery. If the message appears “there are no shipping options available”, then then please send us a message through the contact form.

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