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Our products are manufactured in Europe under very strict pharmaceutical and laboratory gmp standards. We have the most advanced laboratory equipment, production cleanroom and storage facilities. Our products development is based upon our extensive in-house research in genetics and we were amongst the first in the world to introduce the powerful tool of Whole Genome Sequencing and DNA analysis into the fitness and health industry.

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Based on your DNA

Personalised Supplements

Verelst Pharma personalised, custom-made supplements are based upon years of extensive in-house research in genetics. This is by far the most powerful and effective personalised formulation ever designed till date. Manufactured and exclusively sold by Verelst Pharma without any third parties involved to maximize cost-effectiveness.

Vitamins, Minerals & Anti-Oxidants

For Your General Health

When it comes to fighting disease causing micro-organisms and viral infections like the seasonal flu or coronavirus etc, a strong functioning immune system is crucial for front line defence.

Hydrolysed Protein Blend

Protein Plus +

In combination with physical exercise it has unsurpassed effectiveness for muscle-building, fat loss, increased energy, stamina and strength.

Extremely potent anti-ageing agent by slowing down the epigenetic clock which predicts life expectancy through perfectly balanced high-bioavailable essential nutrients that optimize the methylation cycle.

Joint health for dogs & cats

General Pet Support

Formulation designed for healthy joints and flexibility. It relieves symptoms of sore and stiff joints, boosts the immune system and is effective for treating allergy related conditions such as dry irritated skin and ears.