Absolute Skin Care

Increased moisture and skin elasticity

Combats wrinkles and premature ageing


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New improved formulation. 60 tablets per bottle.

Medical grade glutathione in combination with hyaluronic acid 1,5 MDalton and Undenatured Collagen II.

We are living in an era of artificial intelligence and advanced technology where humans are living longer than ever before. However, this unprecedented life expectancy created an increasing demand for cutting edge, premature skin ageing products.

Verelst Pharma designed a combined, truly unique formulation that will set us apart from any previous attempt and will set new standards for the most demanding clients.

We are the first to combine direct bio-available medical grade Glutathione with Undenatured Collagen type II and Hyaluronic acid with 1.5M Dalton which is the only quality that is efficient for premature skin ageing, lubricating skin and increased skin elasticity. It retains moisture and reduces wrinkles, keeping the skin elastic, soft, firm and hydrated. It has anti-inflammatory effects that protect the skin against environmental pollutants, which prevents premature ageing. It is also beneficial to eyesight because of its hydrating properties, keeping the eyes moist and protected from dryness.


I feel so much better. Anxiety gone. Physically stronger and no stiffness in the am. I’m really pleased with these supliments. Thank you SO much


Haven’t seen a difference yet but probably not enough time given for affect.


Will definitely purchase again


First time on it my skin is great fab.


The quality of this product is just amazing! it accomplishes the manufacturer claims, no question about that. This has made a huge difference in my skin texture in a matter of weeks. Great service, fast delivery and custom care.

Take 1-tablet with breakfast and 1-tablet with lunch or dinner.

Glutathione, Hyaluronic acid 1.5 M Dalton, Collagen Undenatured type II. Ascobic acid, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxamine, Roboflavin, Thiamin, 5-MTHF, Biotin, Methylcobalamin